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Solar Tackle is dedicated to storing all data and personal details safely and securely in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

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Policy Statement 

Solar Tackle collects and uses information about people with whom it communicates. 
This personal information must be dealt with properly and securely however it is collected, 
recorded and used – whether on paper, in a computer, or recorded on other material – and 
there are safeguards to ensure this in the Data Protection Act 1998. 
Solar Tackle regards the lawful and correct treatment of personal information as very 
important to the successful and efficient performance of its functions, and to maintain 
confidence between those with whom it deals. 
To this end Solar Tackle fully endorses and adheres to the Principles of Data Protection, 
as set out in the Data Protection Act 1998. 



The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the staff, volunteers and trustees of Solar Tackle are clear about the purpose and principles of Data Protection and to ensure that it has 
guidelines and procedures in place, which are consistently followed. 



The Data Protection Act 1998 regulates the processing of information relating to living and 
identifiable individuals (data subjects). This includes the obtaining, holding, using or disclosing 
of such information, and covers computerised records as well as manual filing systems and card 
Data users must comply with the data protection principles of good practice, which underpin 
the Act. To comply with the law, information must be collected and used fairly, stored safely 
and not disclosed to any other person unlawfully. 
To do this Solar Bait follows the eight Data Protection Principles outlined in the Data 
Protection Act 1998, which are summarised below:

I. Personal data will be processed fairly and lawfully

II. Data will only be collected and used for specified purposes

III. Data will be adequate, relevant and not excessive

IV. Data will be accurate and up to date

V. Data will not be held any longer than necessary 

VI. Data subject’s rights will be respected 

VII. Data will be kept safe from unauthorised access, accidental loss or damage

VIII. Data will not be transferred to a country outside the European Economic Area, unless that 
country has equivalent levels of protection for personal data.


The principles apply to ‘personal data’, which is information held on computer or in manual 
filing systems from which they are identifiable. Solar Bait’s employees, volunteers and 
trustees who process or use any personal information in the course of their duties will ensure 
that these principles are followed at all times.


Data retention

No documents will be stored for longer than is necessary. For guidelines on retention periods 
see the Data Retention Schedule. 
All documents containing personal data will be disposed of securely in accordance with the Data 
Protection principles


Any questions or concerns about the interpretation or operation of the above should 
in the first instance be sent, in writing, to:

Solar Tackle

PO BOX 404





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