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  • Professional Guided Trips
  • Professional Guided Trips
  • Professional Guided Trips
  • Professional Guided Trips
  • Professional Guided Trips


The experience of a lifetime. Take a guided trip for big carp and/or huge catfish with expert angler, professional guide and Solar team member Jerome Lacorte. All trips include fishing, accomodation and collection from the airport in France and, Jerome speaks fluent English too.


Guided trips start from just 450€ per person and come highly reccomended.


For more details and to book a trip call Jerome on 0033686466915 or e-mail


Please call Jerome to book your trip over the phone rather than booking with Solar24-7.


Winter carp fishing trips cost:

  • 750€ for one person for a week
  • 450€ each for two people for one week


Trips for catfish and carp cost:

  • 1100€ for one person for a week
  • 1260€ for two people for a week
  • 550€ each for 3 people for a week


Carp and Catfish expert Jerome has been fishing from a very early age, always aiming to catch more and bigger fish. At the age of 14 the English carp scene influenced Jerome an awful lot and helped to shape his carp fishing.

Having targeted big-carp waters both in France and the UK over the years, adaptability and the ability to alter his tactics to suit whatever style of angling is needed for a given lake has seen Jerome become an incredibly successful angler.

Currently, Jerome is the official guide at Rainbow Lake, with more than 15 years of experience on that particular, famous water. Along with his carp fishing, he’s a passionate catfish angler, and a very successful one at that having caught huge cats from the River Saone and Petit Rhone in France and the Segre in Spain.



Several excursions are being offered in order to best meet the goals of each individual. Your guide will take you on around 4 rivers, the Lot, Garonne, Dordogne, and Isle, depending on the season and conditions to maximise your chances of landing that fish of a lifetime.You will be taken onboard a “hord bord” boat (see video opposite), a highly equipped, advanced and comfortable boat which has 3 echo sounders on board.

Each of the 4 rivers contains fish with a length of up to 2.4m! You will have the chance to observe the fish with the echo sounder, present the bait in front of them and observe their reactions, with full explanations provided by your guide, you will be able to thoroughly understand their behavior. You will also have the possibility to experience Catfish attacks with the fishing rod in hand: quite an experience!

Several techniques will be presented to you with the goal of enriching each individual’s technique. Please feel free to contact us for information

Price 150€ for one person for one day and 75€ for two people for one day. One week for one or two people is 1100€. 



We invite you to take a journey with us onto the mythical Petit Rhone, which has a phenomenal concentration of big or you can fish day and night from the boat. Lure excursions by boat are planned in order to diversify the techniques presented. You will be in the heart of the French Camargue. An adventure not to miss out on!Please feel free to contact us for further information.


For more details or to book a trip call Jerome on 0033686466915





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