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These exclusive 4th Rod Special pop-ups are available for a limited time only and are custom-designed, special hook baits to be launched under the 4th Rod Banner.

Ultra bouyant pop-ups that have been made in washed-out pink and white colours with the famous Solar Squid & Octopus flavour combination, which is billed as one of the world's best big-carp baits.

Each tub contains a mixture of14mm pop-ups in both colours, all in the same pungent Squid & Octopus flavour. Each tub also contains a FREE Pot Shot of matching glug, so that you can boost the attraction still further.


Grab 'em while you can and give yourself that 'extra chance' over everyone else on your lake.

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43lb+ Mirror


After pre-baiting an area on his target water with some test baits, Solar Tackle field tester Jim Vlerick finally targeted the spot on one of his target waters over the Easter weekend. Fishing with 4th Rod Special Pink & White hook baits and a scattering of boilies Jim landed two mirrors from the large, tricky venue, the biggest being this one at 43lb+.
First UK Forty


On only his 6th night of 2016 using Solar bait Paul Martin has smashed his UK PB and landed his first ever forty. Paul explains:

"Dear Solar, A massive thank you for helping me land my first forty. On my 11th night this year, and only my 6th night using your baits, I have smashed my personal best by landing this very sought after mirror called The Italian at 43lb 14oz.

"It is the first of the bigguns to come out this year from Westbourne Lake in Chichester, and for a change it's fallen to my rods! I even backed it up the following morning with a stunning 22lb mirror from the same spot.

"Both fish fell to the same rod, which had a single 4th Rod Special Pink & White Squid & Octopus pop-up placed on a small clear area. It's made my season already because not only is the big mirror a new PB, but these two captures have seen me land as many carp from the lake in the past 3 weeks as I managed through all of last year.

"With my confidence sky high and a bait company and product that can seem to do know wrong, I can't wait to see what the rest of the year brings.

"Thanks again , Paul."

Three Thirties In One Night


Solar Tackle field tester Mario Van Miegroet has landed three thirties from a tricky, public lake on a quick, overnight session between shifts at work using Chilli Club boilies.

Better still, the Belgian-based angler got his season off to the best possible start while everyone else had been struggling to catch.


Mario explains: “On Thursday evening I went to a tricky public lake in Belgium for my first overnighter of the year. The catch reports that I had heard for the couple of weeks leading up to the trip where not good, almost everybody had blanked.

“When I arrived at the lake in the evening I decided to settle into a small swim along the side of the lake where the wind was blowing in to a shallower area.

“ For this session I was using the Chilli Club boilies and dropped two rods on spots quite close in.  One rod was baited with a chilli club snowman hook bait and the second was a multi-rig with a white 4th Rod Squid & Octopus pop-up.

“I put a small scattering of Chilli Club boilies over each area and went to bed shortly after as I had to leave early the next morning to get back to work. I didn’t get to sleep for long as at 10pm I got my first take, falling to the Squid & Octopus pop-up. As I slipped the carp into the net I was surprised to see that this fish, my first of the 2016 season, was the same carp I caught as my last fish of the 2015 season! This time around he was a bit down in weight at 39lb 2oz, not that it mattered of course.

“At midnight a storm rolled in with heavy rain, thunder and lightening, so I couldn’t get back to sleep. As I lay there listening to the rain hammering on the bivvy I got an absolute screamer of a take. After a long, heavy fight in the pouring rain I landed my second mirror carp of the session, which weighed pretty much the same as the first one and also fell to the white pop-up. I was thrilled. A pair of 39lb mirrors on my first trip of the season when the lake seemingly wasn’t fishing well.

“At first light my alarm let out a few bleeps. I grabbed the rod and was in again, this time on the snowman set-up. I had to be on the rod quickly and fight the fish quite hard as there were a few snags nearby and soon I had my third carp of the session in the net, this time a common of 31lb 6oz.

“With three thirties in one night and no sleep I headed back to work shattered, but with a big smile on my face. I can’t wait for the next session now!”

New PB Mirror


It’s been a tricky start to the year on the fishing front, with freezing temperatures most of the lakes up north have shut down, anglers have been visiting an undisclosed club water and I’ve witnessed them putting in the bait but the fish just haven't been interested. It’s a busy water of around 5 acres, which meant that there was food uneaten around most of the lake, so

I decided to just fish singles on 1-inch naked chod rids. I fished these in ‘the shallows’ for 48hrs over a weekend and presented them over low and dying weed.

I used the 4th Rod Specials, which were the 14mm white Squid & Octopus with some toffee flavour added. I’m absolutely delighted when I received a take and landed one of the lakes most sought after residents and a new PB mirror at 32lb 1oz.


Charles Taylor

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