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  • Dairy Cream Pop-Ups


All Solar pop-ups are ultra buoyant and supplied with a FREE Pot Shot of hook bait dip/glug for added pulling power and value.


While the classic, and immensely productive, Dairy Cream boilies have been super seeded, the pop-ups have remained in the range by popular demand. Based on the Savay Seed Mix and with [ML03] - Ester Cream flavour, among others, this white, creamy-smelling bait is one of the most popular hook bait Solar produces.

Incredibly effective on their own, or coupled with any combination of sweet, fruit or savoury baits it's no surprise that Dairy Cream pop-ups are among the favourite hook baits for anglers such as former World Carp Champion Tom Duncan-Dunlop.

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They Don't Get Much Bigger


Tom Duncan Dunlop used his favourite [DPOP8] - Dairy Cream 18mm Pop-Ups to land this colossal common of 80lb 8oz from Rainbow Lake in the south of France.

A Proper Leney


Bill Dawson landed this old, Low 20lb Leney-strain mirror from a private southern water using a trimmed-down [DPOP4] - Dairy Cream 14mm Pop-Ups. Bill presented the bait on a Swimmer Rig coupled with a PVA bag of Solar's unique [UDS1] - Squid & Octopus Up & Down Mix.

Short Session Success


Solar Team angler Colin Gray landed this 26lb 15oz common from Darenth Big Lake in Kent during a short session in December. The southeast-based angler used a Dairy Cream pop-up fished in conjunction with a PVA bag of crushed [RMC4] - Club Mix 14mm Frozen boilies.

Incredible Haul


Colin Gray enjoyed an incredible winter haul using [DPOP11] - Dairy Cream 11mm Pop-Ups fished with PVA bags of crushed [RMC4] - Club Mix 14mm Frozen boilies. Colin landed four thirties to 37lb 8oz and a 26lb common in a single, weekend session on Darenth Big Lake, Kent.

Carl Loves The Club & Cream


Fishing a [RMCCDS] - Club & Cream Small Dumbells Frozen coupled with a [DPOP11] - Dairy Cream Pop-Ups tight to a reed bed over a bed of Club & Cream dumbells and hemp saw Solar Team member Carl Sharp land this 26lb 8oz mirror from the Monk's Pit syndicate in Cambridgeshire, adding yet another Monk's Pit resident to his rapidly increaisng tally.

Hot Stuff


During a spell of hot, summer weather in northern France, when the fishing was hard and the carp not particularly interested in feeding, Jerome Sebille landed this upper twenty by presenting a [DPOP11] - Dairy Cream Pop-Ups hook bait just under the surface and spodding a sloppy mixture of Method Mix and crushed hemp over the top. 

King Of The Pond!


Ian Merriott landed the sought-after Single Scale from the poplar rockford Lake at 47lb 10oz, down in weight a little after spawning. Ian used an [DPOP11] - Dairy Cream Pop-Ups over a bed of [RMST8] - Seafood Take-Away 18mm Frozen, soaked in [M17] - Marine 17 at 160 yards range alongside a weedbed.

Lake Record


Solar Tackle field tester Soren Poulsen has landed his long-chased target fish, and what an impressive carp it is. This impressive Danish mirror is not only Soren's target fish, but his first Danish forty and a new lake record to boot.
Soren explains: “For several years I have been chasing a special fish in one of our large lakes. The lake holds a low stock, but covers an area of approximately 320 acres.
“In the past year I have spent 130 nights in pursuit of this particular carp. I have landed several nice carp during this time, but until now my target has remained elusive.
“On my 131st night though that all changed and my persistence was rewarded. I was fishing on a plateau at 250 meters range. I had a snowman rig, an 18mm Candy Floss bottom bait topped with a 14mm Dairy Cream pop-up, presented over a mixture of Candy Floss and TunaMino boilies and tiger nuts.
“After landing several bream during the night I was awakened in the early morning by a ‘one toner’. Following a shot, heavy, plodding fight I caught sight of the fish in the margins and I had a good idea that it was the one I wanted. It slipped into the net and I could finally see the big mirror staring back at me.
“Not only had I bagged my target fish, but it tipped the scales at just under 44lb, my first Danish forty and a new lake record as well.”
Day Tripper


A session on a warm, spring day has seen team memebr Julien Porquet land 5 twenties in a single day. Targeting a mature gravel pit, Julien presented 14mm Dairy Cream pop-ups over a bed of hemp and sweetcorn, having soaked the pop-ups in Dairy Cream Big Shot liquid prior to the session.

Takes were steady throughout the day, with the biggest of the session being a mirror just shy of the 30lb barrier.

Close Encounters


A stealthy approach and careful planning has seen Solar team member Julien Porquet land these two 35lb+ mirrors from a spot just 30ft from the bank.
Targeting a gravel pit near his home in northern France Julien baited the clear area with a mixture of hemp and sweetcorn that he soaked in Dairy Cream Big Shot Liquid. Presenting a Dairy Cream pop-up over the top, which he set just millimetres off the deck, saw both of these sizable mirrors slip into Julien’s net in a single day.
In Need Of Caffeine


Dropping in on one of his target water to take advantage of some favourable weather conditions, team member Alain Servaes enjoyed a hectic overnighter landing 7 carp to 33lb using The Originals Club Mix boilies. Sleep deprived, the following day at work was tough… but well worth it! Alain explains:
“With mixed conditions of sunshine, rain and southwesterly winds, it was high time to pay the old pit a visit for an overnighter. This is a venue I’ve been nipping back to for odd sessions almost since I started ‘seriously’ carp fishing. I love the place and there are still a few gems in there I have yet to catch.
“I arrived at the lake in the early evening and immediately saw fish showing. I couldn’t get the rods out fast enough as I knew I could be (hoped I would be!) in for a hectic session.
“Both rods were cast to the area where the fish were showing, both with a snowman presentation with a Club Mix bottom bait and Dairy Cream pop-up. A few handfuls of The Original Club Mix boilies were scattered over the area using a throwing stick and I set to getting the ‘house’ up for the night.
“By the time I’d got the brolly up the light was fading, and I’d already landed three small commons, in a little under 2 hours.
“After topping the swim up with more Club Mix it was time for bed, but no more than an hour later I was up, doing battle again. This one pulled harder and kited from right to left. After a good scrap though I slipped the net under a 33lb mirror, one that I first caught 17 years ago, and one that is a rare visitor to the bank.
“I was woken a couple of hours later by a screaming take, the culprit being a big grass carp. It fought really hard, even when it was finally in the net. With grass carp being notoriously feisty I unhooked it in the net and slipped it back without weighing or a picture. Before I’d got the rod back out the other rod tore off and it was a repeat performance with another big grass carp.
“With both rods back in position and more freebies scattered over the area I managed a couple of hours sleep before landing a 22lb common at first light. Shattered, but with 7 carp including two big grass carp and a 33lb mirror for my efforts, I packed up and headed off to work loaded with adrenaline… and in need of caffeine.
“What an overnighter!”
Dairy Cream Everlasting Hook Baits

Dairy Cream Everlasting Hook Baits



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