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All Solar pop-ups are ultra buoyant and supplied with a FREE Pot Shot of hook bait dip/glug for added pulling power and value.


Our flagship bait, the Club Mix needs no introduction with its long history and impecible reputation. No other bait has accounted for more big fish captures around the world than 'The Club'. Together with the legendary [ML06] - Squid & Octopus Koi Rearer and [ML12] - Stimulin Amino Compound, we have now reintrodced our original Anchovy Concentrate and Salt & Pepper additive. When this combination of attractors comes together it's easy to see why 'The Club' is quite simply second to none

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New PB On My First Session With Club Mix Boilies


Just hours after the ice covering Merrington Carp Fishery in Shropshire melted, Gary Walker landed a PB common of 28lb 9oz, followed by two, pristine mirrors, as he reaped the rewards of using Solar's Club Mix boilies for the very first time. All three fish were caught at 70 yards with a scattering of 20 freebies.

Club Mix Keeps On Catching


With a fresh sothwesterly springing up Colin Gray couldn't resist squeezing in a quick, overnight session  on Darenth Big Lake, Kent, to take advantage of the conditions. Using the ever-productive Club Mix boilies Colin promptly landed this 35lb 12oz mirror just before packing up and heading back to work.

The Fish Of My Dreams


This Belgian angler by the name of Bart landed the much-sought-after Mocca Mirror at 58lb 5oz, which is a new PB and a fish that he's been trying to catch for some time, using Club Mix boilies. He landed this fish in just a couple of hours of fishing, landing a 32lb common just prior to the huge mirror.

15 Carp To 52lb 6oz


Tom De Clerck has enjoyed an incredible start to his 2016 season landing 15 carp to 52lb 6oz on his very first session of the year.

Tackling a big, weedy, public water the 37-year-old Belgian angler used Seafood Take-Away and Club Mix boilies and put in that ‘extra mile’ to enjoy a true red-letter session.


Tom explains: “I've been using Solar baits for almost two decades and they have never let me down, and they have continued their form for me this season.

“I kicked off my 2016 season with my first session on a big, weedy, public pit in France. With the low water temperatures, only 7-8°C, the fish were not particularly active yet.

“I chose a swim that offered a range of depths, but also an area that was less pressured because it’s not very easy to get your gear to. Once in the swim I baited an area for each rod, each at a different depth in clearings in the weed. Each spot was baited with chopped Seafood Take-Away and Club Mix boilies, with a matching hook bait presented over the top.

“As absolute proof that often that extra effort is well worth it, I had my first fish in the net just 2 hours after getting the rods out!

“In heavy rain and blustery winds, it made it difficult to land the fish from the boat, which was necessary due to the weed. Particularly so because I was fishing alone and so has no help. Still, I managed it and was duly rewarded.

“Over the course of just a few days I had 15 takes and landed 15, beautifully scaled carp, all landed amid the thick weed on a size 8 Stronghold 101 hook.

“The biggest of the session were mirrors of 31lb and 33lb 6oz and a fat linear of 52lb 6oz. I was so happy with the results and a great start to my 2016, my only regret for the session was that I only took 10kg of each bait!”

Brace of 30lb Commons


Two Club Mix corkers fished over a bed of particles has resulted in two 30lb+ commons on a single, overnight session for German-based Solar field tester Elmar Axt.

On A Big-Carp Roll


Team member Thomas Mascha is on a big-fish roll. Having already landed 5 fifties and countless forties and thirties so far this year from various waters, he's at it again.
Fishing a typical, day-only session (as Thomas works nights) he has landed these three mirrors of 40lb 12oz, 38lb and 33lb. Having pre baited an area with particles and Club Mix boilies, Thomas used a Club Mix snowman hook bait and a scattering of Club Mix freebies on his day trip to take all three fish.
Big Carp Galore


Hertfordshire-based fieldtester Aaron Higginson has had a bumper past few weeks.

Using a mixture of the Pink & White test baits and Club Mix boilies he’s landed 4 mirrors in excess of 30lb, to a biggest of 36lb 4oz along with a further 4 mid to upper twenties to back these up and other smaller carp too.

Impressively, Aaron landed three of his thirties in just 2 days in the later part of August.

Something A Bit Special


Fishing a tough pit in Carlise, Josh Caunt has landed 4 carp, topped by a 30lb 4oz common, in just two trips using Club Mix boilies.
Josh says: "I'm targeting a pit in Carlise and to have a 30lb+ common up here is something special. This was only my second trip using Club Mix boilies and I've now landed commons of 12lb, 25lb, 28lb 6oz and 30lb 4oz. The water isn't easy by any means, and there have only been 5 carp caught in the past 10 weeks, and I've landed 4 of them!
"All I can say is that they have a liking for the Club Mix. I've been putting the bait in and the carp have responded."
Hungary For Success


This lovely 44lb common has been landed by Antonin Smesny from a large gravel pit in Hungary.

A Club mix hook bait fished over a bed of 18mm Club Mix boilies did the business.

Possibly The Best Big-Carp Capture Of 2016


We’ve all had a big capture that we’ll remember forever, but what about this for a chat-topping big-carp capture.

Earlier this year, during the summer that now seems a distant memory, German-based angler Christian Espert a sixty and a seventy in under 12 hours while using our famous, Club Mix boilies.

Having prepared his own Club Mix baits and air-dried them until they were rock hard, Christian used a throwing stick to bait an area at extreme range. Fishing a Club Mix hook bait over the top, he landed this big mirror at 66lb 8oz. Incredibly, less than 12 hours Christian had another pick off from the same spot, on the same tactics. After a colossal fight, a huge, long common lay in his net. Tipping the scales at 71lb 4oz Christian couldn’t believe what he’d achieved!

What A Carp!


Solar Tackle field tester Bob Burns has sent this pic of an awesome mirror through to us. Caught back in April of this year, this was one of 10 carp landed on a 48-hour session on a water near Limoges in France, while he was visiting his parents who live in the area.

All 10 carp were landed on Club Mix boilies, with a Club Mix hook bait presented over a bed of matching freebies.


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64lb Common Tops 7-Carp Catch


Solar Tackle’s Martin Locke has returned from a spring trip to Rainbow Lake, where this impressive 64lb common topped a 7-fish tally in some tricky conditions.

Martin explains: “The eagerly awaited spring time trip to Rainbow brought with is less than favourable conditions this time around. My weeklong session was spent on the Island swim on the famous water which, as the name suggests, sees you marooned on a small island for the trip!

“The lake had fished well in the weeks prior to this one, but with the temperatures taking an unexpected plunge and an easterly wind blowing for 6 days and nights, it was pretty obvious that it would be a difficult and very chilly week. The weather was more akin to Siberia than the South of France.

“That said, we wrapped up well and just got on with the job. I ended up with seven carp in total, every one of which was hard earned and memorable. The best of the bunch was this common of 64lb which, unusually, came early in the week on the Monday giving me an alarm call at 3am. Traditionally a week-long session will build up through the week with the bigger fish coming later on. The big common got snagged on one of the many underwater branches in Rainbow. Using the boat, I got out to it and went to grab the branch that my line was caught on and the common came up right next to it like a scaly submarine, I nearly jumped out of my skin!

“Thinking quickly, as you have to at times like this, I carefully hand lined 64lb of prime Rainbow common into the net before it realised what was going on.

“All fish were taken on Solar Club Mix boilies, on a Kebab Rig at a range of 250m.”

Achieving The Unthinkable


24 hours on a tough, 10-hectare gravel pit has seen team memebr Ignace de Roeck achieve the unthinkable. Not only did he land 6 carp from this low-stock venue, but included in that haul were two thirties and one of the lake's main targets, a 42lb+ original common called Inez.

The Originals Club Mix boilies and a well thought-out plan of attack helped Ignace on this red-letter session, as he explains:


"This time I planned an overnighter on one of my syndicate waters, which I’ve been a member of since 2016. The lake is a 10-hectare, deep gravel pit, situated somewhere in Flanders Belgium. I didn’t manage to get there very often last year, but the few trip I did manage helped to widen my knowledge of the place.

"The rules are quite simple here, almost everything is allowed, such as using boats and pre-baiting, which gives a range of possibilities that I’m not used to from my other waters. The topography is rather monotonous with virtually no variation, it’s just a very deep lake, with depths to more than 12 meters, with shallow edges. As you could imagine all the action comes from the margins.

"The plan that I had in mind was the same tactic I used last year, on the best session I had. Most of the anglers use boats, and so I chose the opposite approach. The big advantage of using boats is to increase your fishing area, reaching spots you can’t cast to, but in this venue I prefer to choose a swim where I can cast my rods out. At first, it causes less disturbance, and secondly because of the direction of my lines. I want them to follow the bottom contours nicely. I do believe the way your line cuts through the swim from the rod to the fishing spot is a crucial fact in whether you catch or not. 

"This  syndicate has the reputation of not being an easy water. The stock count is somewhere around 70 carp with a few originals that are still alive. Some fish manage to disappear for years before being caught again and that makes the adventure even more interesting.

"The tactics that I had in mind was to go a day in advance with my marker rod to pin point the exact spots to drop my rigs. Once the spots were marked I baited each with couple of kilos of Solar’s The Originals Club Mix boilies. The next morning, when I arrived at the syndicate I saw that no other anglers, so I knew that my pre-baited swim would be free, which was a big relief.

"The first thing that I always do is to spread some freebees over the spots to keep the present carp feeding, if there are any there. With two rods in position I was just getting ready to cast out the third rod when the middle rod produced a bite. Completely stunned that it had happen so quickly I picked up the rod. After a fierce battle I managed to land a long, brown 32lb common.

"With all the rods now in position, exactly 30minutes later the same rod screamed for attention again, a 25lb mirror being the result this time. After returning the carp I noticed that my unhooking mat was full of partly digested Club Mix bits and pieces. It is clear that the fish are feeding well on the baits.

"Looking very promising, thinking by myself that anything could happen now. To cut a long story short, in the late afternoon 2 more fish came along. A lovely young 25lb common and a stunning looking 37lb mirror (After the session I found out that this mirror had been on the ‘missing list’ for several years).

"All where caught one a simple snowman rig coupled with a Stronghold 101 size 4 hook combined with a Dairy Cream pop up. The rest of the evening and night remained quiet. I was fully expecting a bite in the evening, but instead nothing happened. The one thing that did happen was that it rained non-stop.

"Sitting under the brolly while drinking my coffee, I was watching the water for signs of carp. Out of the blue my receiver came alive. Finally I was back in action and soon a yellow colored mirror slid over the net cord. With a weight just under the 30lb mark I was more than pleased. After returning my fifth carp I decided it was time to pack up. I always find it difficult to pick which rod to wind in first, especially in those circumstance were you’ll never know if there’s going to be a last minute take.

"The decision was made, my last producing rod stayed on the P1 euro rod pod. Believe it or not when I was ready to reel the rod in, the titanium indicator smacked against the rod blank. In poker terms they call it ‘River Luck’. When lifting the rod I felt immediately that it was a good fish. As the carp turned for the first time on the surface I caught a glimpse of my opponent. A massive common was on the other end. Shaking her head for the last time she was ready for the net. Carrying her to the unhooking mat I had a smile from ear to ear. It was one of the few originals. A carp called Inez and with a weight of 42lb+ I was over the moon. She is one of the reasons anglers join this lake.

"Looking back it was again an exceptional overnighter which rarely occurs on this water."


I Had To Reel In To Get Some Sleep!


Hitting the banks of the Integra syndicate lake in Belgium, Wesley Lagaert, for an overnighter, the Solar Tackle team member had such a productive night that he had to reel the rods in to get a little sleep!
Baiting an area with 3.5kg of The Originals Club Mix boilies Wes presented a snowman hook bait tipped with a Jacko Pop over the top. The first take came at midnight, producing an upper 20lb mirror. Three more takes came before 4am, resulting in two 30lb+ mirrors and The Fully, which Wes caught earlier in the year at 40lb and so released immediately without another picture. On returning The Fully at just after 4am, Wes had to reel all of the rods in to get an hour and half’s kip before heading back to work!
The Pretty One Can't Resist Club Mix


Shane Pratt landed his third target fish from West Lake on the Chichester Lakeside Complex when he slipped his net under this 36lb 8oz mirror known as The Pretty One.
Just like his captures of Starburst and The Cut Tail Common, this mirror fell to an 11mm Club Mix pop-up presented in a solid PVA bag.
In Need Of Caffeine


Dropping in on one of his target water to take advantage of some favourable weather conditions, team member Alain Servaes enjoyed a hectic overnighter landing 7 carp to 33lb using The Originals Club Mix boilies. Sleep deprived, the following day at work was tough… but well worth it! Alain explains:
“With mixed conditions of sunshine, rain and southwesterly winds, it was high time to pay the old pit a visit for an overnighter. This is a venue I’ve been nipping back to for odd sessions almost since I started ‘seriously’ carp fishing. I love the place and there are still a few gems in there I have yet to catch.
“I arrived at the lake in the early evening and immediately saw fish showing. I couldn’t get the rods out fast enough as I knew I could be (hoped I would be!) in for a hectic session.
“Both rods were cast to the area where the fish were showing, both with a snowman presentation with a Club Mix bottom bait and Dairy Cream pop-up. A few handfuls of The Original Club Mix boilies were scattered over the area using a throwing stick and I set to getting the ‘house’ up for the night.
“By the time I’d got the brolly up the light was fading, and I’d already landed three small commons, in a little under 2 hours.
“After topping the swim up with more Club Mix it was time for bed, but no more than an hour later I was up, doing battle again. This one pulled harder and kited from right to left. After a good scrap though I slipped the net under a 33lb mirror, one that I first caught 17 years ago, and one that is a rare visitor to the bank.
“I was woken a couple of hours later by a screaming take, the culprit being a big grass carp. It fought really hard, even when it was finally in the net. With grass carp being notoriously feisty I unhooked it in the net and slipped it back without weighing or a picture. Before I’d got the rod back out the other rod tore off and it was a repeat performance with another big grass carp.
“With both rods back in position and more freebies scattered over the area I managed a couple of hours sleep before landing a 22lb common at first light. Shattered, but with 7 carp including two big grass carp and a 33lb mirror for my efforts, I packed up and headed off to work loaded with adrenaline… and in need of caffeine.
“What an overnighter!”
Club Mix Produces 7 Carp In 48-Hours For Alain


48-hours on the Waesmere syndicate in Belgium has seen Alain Servaes enjoy 7 takes, with a 32lb mirror and a true ‘old character’ fish tipping the haul before ending the trip in a heart-stopping fashion as he put The Originals Club Mix boilies to great use.
Alain explain: “I arrived at the lake on Monday evening to be told that there had been a social on the lake for the past 3 days and from the 11 angler only 3 carp were caught. The lake can be very tricky nowadays and so I planned to try something a bit different. Most fish at range, and so I was going to target some margin spots.
“I positioned two rods on two clear areas in the margins. Hook baits were Originals Club Mix boilies and matching freebies were spread over both spots too.
“At first light came the first bite. A crazy, close-range battle resulted in a 32lb mirror… what a start!
“The day passed quietly until dusk when one of the rods ripped off, but within seconds the fish had found its way in to some sunken trees and it was game over. I topped the spot up with more club Mix boilies and an hour later the sa me rod was away again. It wasn’t the biggest carp in the lake at around the mid twenty mark, but it’s certainly one of the oldest and a great character.
“In a repeat performance the following day passed without event. With the onset of evening the rain started to fall heavily. Almost the moment the rain stopped, a couple of hours later, I was in again and quickly landed a small common. The landing net had barely touched the ground again when the second rod tore off and one of the lake’s younger stockies paid me a visit.
“Again, the spots were rebaited with Club Mix boilies and first light brought another bite, this time from a 20lb common, which was quickly followed by another take, and another 20lb common.
“Please with my result and needing to get back to work I started to pack up when I got a screaming take. I picked up the rod, but couldn’t stop the fish as it tried to empty the spool. A fun, powerful fight, but the big sturgeon responsible wasn’t exactly what I was after. Even so, it was a hectic way to end the session.”
Night Manoeuvres


A fishing adventure combined with a family holiday to a big public water in France has seen team member Alben Zantinge land this 53lb mirror on his first trip out using the new Originals Club Mix boilies.
Alben presented a snowman hook bait over a bed of Club Mix freebies.
Wesley's Unstoppable


Another overnighter and another big mirror for team member Wesley Lagaert. Targeting the Integra syndicate, Wesley presented an Originals Club Mix snowman hook bait over a bed of Club Mix Originals freebies to land this 33lb mirror.
Huge 67lb Common


What a carp!

Lifelong Solar man and friend of Martin Locke, Alfons Schambeck, has landed the biggest carp in his syndicate water. The German-based reastaurant owner landed the colossal common, which tipped teh scales at 67lb, on a 2-night session.

"I was fishing to a break in a gravel bar at 70-meters range, explains Alfons. I'd baited the spot with a mixture of tiger nuts and The Originals Club Mix boilies. Fishing a Solar Pineaple pop-up over the top I landed 7 fish, one thirty, five twenties and then this jewel in the crown. It's the biggest carp I've ever landed in German."

Third Fifty In 5 Months


Solar Tackle team member Julien Porquet has landed this impressive chunk of a mirror that tipped the scales at 50lb. No stranger to big carp, this is the Calais-based angler’s third 50lb+ carp since May of this year.

Targeting a lake in East France on a 3-day session, Julien presented an Originals Red Herring 15mm bottom bait tipped with an 11mm Club Mix pop-up over a bed of Red Herring boilies. The slow, steady take came at  4am after the rod had been in position for 24 hours and after a long, heavy fight, this prize rolled in to the waiting net.

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