P1 Euro Worldwide Pod

  • P1 Euro Worldwide Pod
  • P1 Euro Worldwide Pod
  • P1 Euro Worldwide Pod
  • P1 Euro Worldwide Pod
  • P1 Euro Worldwide Pod
  • P1 Euro Worldwide Pod


The Worldwide pod is the market-leading rod pod, and we've now uprated it for the P1 range, which includes the 'Big Boy Version' in this, the P1 Euro Worldwide Pod.

Identical to the P1 Worldwide Pod in every way, the only differences over the smaller model is that this Euro version comes with a longer, adjustable main bar (1m to 2m) and two long, adjustable front legs (1m to 1.33m). Better still, the long, front legs feature our unique 'snooker cue' extention, which mean that the front legs can be shortened to 52cm, giving you a complete, versitile system.

This allows you to fish with a solid, versitial pod with your rod tips set high, so ideal for many big waters on the Continent and for river fishing. The Euro Worldwide Pod.


Sporting the same unique ‘5 Spoke, Diamond Grip Adjustment’ collars as the rest of the P1 range as well as subtle carbon detailing, the P1 Worldwide Pod also boasts all of the carefully engineered features that has made this pod one of the most sought after ever made. The micro-adjust, ratchet adjustment system which allows each leg to be individually adjusted, adjustable main bar, compact design, goal-post style uprights for ultimate rigidity and compatible with a comprehensive range of extras for customizing. In fact, the P1 Worldwide pod can be tailored to suit any venue in any country and any situation; it really is that versatile. With it's compact design the Worlwide pod packs down into a small, padded carry case for easy transportation/storage.

Each P1 Euro Worldwide Pod comprises two upright bridge section, 2 x 12" legs, 2 x long, adjustable legs (52cm to 1.33m), 1 x long adjustable main bar (1m to 2m)

Supplied in a compact, padded storage/carry bag and precision engineered in England just like all of the Solar stainless.


  • Buzz Bars not included.
  • Made in England, as always
  • Precision engineered and CAD designed
  • Made from the highest quality stainless steel components
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The World's Most Versatile Pod

P1 3-Rod Adjustable Buzz Bars

P1 3-Rod Adjustable Buzz Bars

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P1 Centre-Loc Adjustable Back Rest



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