SP C-Tech Bedchair - Wide

  • SP C-Tech Bedchair - Wide
  • SP C-Tech Bedchair - Wide
  • SP C-Tech Bedchair - Wide
  • SP C-Tech Bedchair - Wide
  • SP C-Tech Bedchair - Wide


The big-boy version of our Flagship bedchair with the highest quality

materials throughout, including the exclusive 3D DuraDore™ , air-pocketed matress, high-tensil, aluminium frame, unique Spring-Loc

leg-adjustment mechanism and twin-pivot hinge system.A true, flat sleeping position with our unique ultimate lumber support system eliminates sagging, providing the ultimate in luxury and comfort.

Provides and extra 15cm width over the ‘standard’ version.


Key Features

- Exclusive, 3D DuraDore™ matress. Luxurious, hard-wearing material that is air pocketed for comfort and warmth, yet lightweight

- Super-soft, suede-padded edging all round

- Unique Spring-Loc leg adjustment

- Unique, ultra-lumber-support matress system

ensures a true, flat sleeping position without sagging

- Lightweight frame made from high-tensile aluminium

- Twin pivot hinge, making collapsing the bedchair with the sleeping bag simple, effortless and allows the bedchair to fold flat with the sleeping bag in place.

- Super strong to accomodate the largest of anglers

- Free accessory bag (Man Bag), which is removable and compatible with all Solar chairs

- 15cm wider than the ‘standard’ version

- In-built strap with quick-release clip fitting for storage 

Available from January 2018
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