Liquid Candy Sweetener

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  • Liquid Candy Sweetener
  • Liquid Candy Sweetener


Candy Sweetener is the only sweetener to contain Talin, the sweetest natral product known to man. It has no bitter after taste and provides exceptional tatse-enhancing properties to any bait. It works extremely well with fish/savoury mixes as well as the more obvious fruity and creamy baits.


Doseage guide - 1ml to 3ml per 6-egg mix

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Record 85lb+ Common


They don't come much bigger than this Belgian record common of 85lb+ caught by Geert Ooms on Clb Mix boilies that he rolled himself using [CFC1] - Club Mix base mix, [OSSO] - Squid & Octopus Koi Rearer, [ML03] - Ester Cream, [ML10] - Liquid Candy Sweetener and [ML12] - Stimulin Amino Compound. Geert caught this colossal carp twice within one year from a huge inland water system in northern Belgium.

57lb 10oz Common


This colossal common, which tipped the scales at 57lb 10oz, was the second fish landed on the first day of Solar Tackle field tester Matej Vavh's weekend session.

Targeting a private, big-fish venue, Matej used home-rolled baits using a combination of our Mixmaster flavours, Esterblend 12, Pear Of Bananas, Liquid Candy Sweetener and Stimulin Amino. Spombing out a bed of boilies, pellets and hemp, Matej presented a matching bottom bait over the top.

Unsurprisingly, the big common put up one hell of a fight... just look at the size of it's paddle!

Pineapple Secret Base Mix

Pineapple Secret Base Mix



Powdered Candy Sweetener

Powdered Candy Sweetener

0.1kg | 100g


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