Esterblend 12

150g | 100ml


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  • Esterblend 12
  • Esterblend 12


A sweet, ester-based flavour that can be added to ANY boilie recipie to give it an extra edge. It can even be used as a hook bait dip and for soaking artificial baits, which proves popular through the colder months.

Being ester-based, this liquid enhancer works impecibly in all water temperatures and is not denatured with the boiling process of the baits into which it's incorporated.


Doseage: 5ml to 10ml per 6-egg mix

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50lb+ Common


Fishing a short session on a 25-hectare public lake in France Roderick Langaveld landed a 44lb 4oz mirror, a 46lb 6oz mirror and this 52lb common using home-made Chinese Take-Away boilies made with [CFCT1] - Chinese Take-Away base mix  chines takes with added [ML09] - Esterblend 12. All three carp fell to running rigs.

Mid Forty Mirror


Take a look at this chunky customer. Team member Wesley Lagaert landed this 45lb mirror on a morning following a quick, overnight session on his 'home syndicate', the Integra syndicate in Belgium.
Having pre-baited with Chilli Club boilies with added Mixmaster E12 liquid, Wes presented a Chilli Club snowman hook bait over a bed of matching freebies on the overnighter to tempt this big mirror, his second big mirror from the lake in a week.
57lb 10oz Common


This colossal common, which tipped the scales at 57lb 10oz, was the second fish landed on the first day of Solar Tackle field tester Matej Vavh's weekend session.

Targeting a private, big-fish venue, Matej used home-rolled baits using a combination of our Mixmaster flavours, Esterblend 12, Pear Of Bananas, Liquid Candy Sweetener and Stimulin Amino. Spombing out a bed of boilies, pellets and hemp, Matej presented a matching bottom bait over the top.

Unsurprisingly, the big common put up one hell of a fight... just look at the size of it's paddle!

Pineapple Pop-Ups

Pineapple Pop-Ups

80g | 11mm


The Original Top Banana Base Mix

The Original Top Banana Base Mix



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