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The popularity of Solar Tackle's Big Shot liquids have led to the creation of the all-new Mega Big Shots. Part of the Liquid Gold range, alongside Marine 17 and Hot Scottish Salmon Oil, this new product sees the popular Big Shot liquid supplied in 1.1-litre bottles, giving you fantastic value for money.
PVA friendly and perfect for glugging all manner of baits, rehydrating boilies, boosting PVA stick and bag mixes, uprating spod mixes and all manner of other bait applications.
Made with concentrated Quench flavour to exactly match the rest of the Quench bait range.
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Busy Lake? Limited Time? No Problem...


Arriving at a packed lake, with a little though and good angling Mike Smith snuck this 20lb common out withing minutes of getting a bait in the water. Mike explains:
“After arriving at my local syndicate water and seeing that dreaded sight of the car park being absolutely rammed. I decided to just walk the lake and see who was about and what space was available.
“It's a 10 acre, reed-lined lake that has an old river bed running up the middle of it and after walking most of the lake and chatting to a few of the members I found out 2 things. First, the fishing had been slow with only a couple of fish being caught over the previous few days. Second, the bottom end of the lake had not been fished, which surprised me as it's a nice little bay that is sheltered from the wind.
“I grabbed my rod, net and an unhooking mat and went for a closer look. After about 5 minutes I managed to find a few fish grubbing around in the little bay.
“Excitedly I put a 14mm Quench bottom bait on my rig and lowered it into the shallow water. I dropped a few half baits in for good measure while staying low, slowly moved back from the water's edge and put the rod on the floor.
“After what seemed like only 30 seconds the rod roared off and after a short but crazy battle I managed to net this lovely 20lb common. I was well happy with the result.”
Incredible Haul


Matej Vavh has returned from his first session of 2017. Kicking things off in style , he landed 7 carp, including 2 forties, a fifty and a sixty while most around him blanked. A mixture of home-made boilies with our Mixmaster flavours, our Pineapple pop-ups and Quench Up & Down Mix did the business. Matej explains:


“After a crazy work and home life recently I finally managed to get out on the bank for the first time this year. It wasn’t ideal timing, as the carp were getting ready to spawn, but like most of us, I don’t have the luxury of picking my fishing times. I have to go when the opportunity arises.

“The carp were very active in the shallows and among the snags and for the first day of my trip I tried to target them with a little white snowman hook bait and a small PVA BAG OF Quench & Down Mix. Being preoccupied they didn’t seem interested. So, on the morning of the second day I found and area out in front of the swim, relatively shallow and clear with sunken snags behind it. At 128 meters from the bank it wasn’t going to be easy, but it was an idea area to target.

“I put down a carpet of corn, hemp and crushed boilies, home-made baits using Solar’s Ester Strawberry, Stimulin Amino and Ester Cream flavours. Everything was soaked in Quench Mega Big Shot liquid and Spombed out over the area. This was put out in front of the snags, up to about 1 metre short of them.

“Using a snowman hook bait with an 18mm home-made bottom bait and 14mm Solar Pineapple pop-up, and a tiny PVA bag of Quench Up & Down mix, I positioned the rigs over the baited area, on the nearside of it to give as much distance between my hook bait and the snags as possible.

“It worked and later that day I landed three carp in quick succession, one at 11lb, one at 26lb and a small common. Topping up the swim after each take the action continued on the third day, this time with bigger carp. A 49lb common and a 41lb mirror graced my net.

The fourth day was quiet until dusk when one of the rods tore off. After a strong and exciting battle in relatively shallow water, about 2 metres deep, I slid a 61lb common into the net.

“The fifth and final day played out much the same as the previous day. The day was very quiet until the sun started to go down, perhaps due to the fish being pre-occupied in the day. That evening another big common couldn’t resist the hook bait and at 52lb I couldn’t believe how well my first session of 2017 had gone!

“It was even more incredible when 90%  of the other anglers on this particular, popular, large venue, blanked.” 

Quench Up & Down Mix

Quench Up & Down Mix



The Original Quench 20mm Shelf-Life

The Original Quench 20mm Shelf-Life

1kg | 20mm


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