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  • Hot Scottish Salmon Oil
  • Hot Scottish Salmon Oil
  • Hot Scottish Salmon Oil


The finest, pure, Scottish salmon oil infused with 'just the right amount' of firey red chillies,  creating this awesome additive that greatly enhances all baits.


PVA Friendly

Use as much as you need - NO DANGER OF OVERLOADING

Enhances any bait

1-Litre bottles

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What A Haul


In three and a half hours at Thorpe Lea fishery Darren Pearse and Dennis Roe landed 23 carp, 13 of them over 20lb.
Fishing with just one rod each, while other on the lake struggled, Darren and Dennis spodded our Up & Down Mix over the top of over-depth zig rigs with trimmed, 11mm Top Banana hook baits as well as spotting mixers soaked in our Hot Scottish Salmon Oil. Putting a few spoonful out after each fish kept the bites coming in what was a truly hectic few hours.
The biggest fish of the quick-hit, hauling session was a 26lb mirror.
I Won't Fish Without This Liquid


“Imagine booking a French trip & being told you have to use the venue’s bait, but can bring your own hook baits; What do you do?,” says Steve Lovett.

“Well, Solar Marine 17 & Hot Scottish Salmon oil plus a few tubs of pop-ups to the rescue.


“I’ve just got back from a trip to Flores lake where I had a 16 fish catch over the course of the week. Two forties, eleven thirties and three twenties landed on a tough week where only 25 fish were caught in moody conditions, on the entire complex.

“With the fish considering spawning if/when the weather sorted itself out, it wasn’t easy, but to have 16 of the 25 carp caught by al the anglers fall to my rods, I’m made up.


“I was glugging up my freebies, the venue’s baits, with M17 and the Hot Scottish Salmon Oil and baited one area at 60 yards. This allowed me comfortably concentrate all 3 of my rods on the one baited spot, which I baited twice daily using a throwing stick. The glugged baits created a lovely flat spot, and on more than one occasion fish started rolling in the flat spot as I was baiting up.

“I presented snowman rigs over the top with one of the glugged bottom baits tipped with Club Mix, Secret or a Quench pop-up.


“I don’t think I’ll be able to go fishing now without these two glugs now as they’ve given me the confidence that I can pull fish into my swim and get them feeding on virtually any bait.”

75 Carp In 2 Days


If you’ve been ignoring zig rigs or simply ‘can’t be bothered’ with them, then this may just change your mind.

Darren Pearse has landed 75 carp to a biggest of 26lb 4oz in just 2 days, all on zig rigs. Experienced carp angler, and regular carp-match-competitor, Darren, presented Seafood Take-Away pop-ups in the upper layers using zig rigs at Thorpe Lea fishery in Surrey.

The hectic action meant that it was hard work to keep the rods in the water, with double takes happening on numerous occasions. Even so, to keep the takes coming regularly Darren was Spobing little and often directly over the zigs using a mixture of crushed TunaMino boilies, Pineapple Up & Down Mix and Hot Scottish Salmon Oil.

Walthamstow Common


Nipping to Walthamstow Reservoirs for a day trip, team member Ashley Izzard landed this fiesta common using PVA bags fished tight to the island margin.
Ashley says: "Only fishing the day I had to slot in around the other anglers who had been there overnight. The water wasn't fishing too well, but a PVA bag filled with 2mm and 4mm pellets soaked in Hot Scottish Salmon Oil, and a 4th Rod Strawberry & Ice Cream pop-up produced the goods."
3 Forties & 3 Thirties Landed In A Single Day


After pre-baiting an area on a local pit for a few days leading up to his session, team member Thomas Mascha has enjoyed an incredible day trip anding three forties and three thirties!
Fishing over a scattering of Seafodd Take-Away boilies soaked in hot Scottish Salmon Oil and Marine 17 liquid (the same baits that were used for probating), Thomas landed an incredible run of big fish, all in a single day.
His Seafood Take-Away hook bait was coupled with a small PVA bag of Squid & Octopus Up & Down Mix and the result was carp of
47lb, 41lb, 40lb 12oz, 36lb, 35lb 14oz and 34lb.
This just might be the best haul of big carp on a day-only session that we've ever heard of.
12 Months On Solar Baits


Young-gun Harry Bontoft says: “It’s been one year since I started using Solar baits, and I’m so happy with the results that I wanted to share them with you. Truth be told, most of my fishing was actually done from February to August last year, as my alarms and pod were stolen in late August, which stopped me from going for a little while. Also, going to university in September stopped me from fishing as often as I would have liked, but this makes the results I enjoyed even more special.
“During the past 12 months I’ve had a play around with different Solar products on many different venues and enjoyed great success, landing plenty of carp including a few over 30lb.
“In particular the Up & Down Mixes fished with zig rigs as well as mixers soaked in Hot Scottish Salmon Oil have both produced extremely well during the warmer weather.
“The plan is to get out on the bank more this year and, fingers crossed, the carp will come my way.”
Two Forties In One Day


Take a look at these two 40lb beauties. Team Member Thomas Mascha has landed both in a single, day-only session. Having pre-baited an area on a big, local gravel pit near his home in northeast France Thomas set out to target the spot for a single day due to work and family commitments.
Arriving at the lake a spread of prepared particles and Candy Floss boilies, all soaked in Hot Scottish Salmon Oil, were put out over the area. A simple fluorocarbon hook link with a size 4 Stronghold 101 hook and Candy Floss bottom bait was positioned over the baited area.
A strong, heavy fight followed the first take of the day, just a few hours in to the session. A chunky common was the culprit, which tipped the scales at 40lb 10oz. The middle of the day passed without event before the second take came in mid afternoon. Following another slow, plodding fight Thomas slid the net under his second forty of the day, a 40lb 14oz mirror.
Chilli Club 18mm Frozen

Chilli Club 18mm Frozen

1kg | 18mm


Chilli Club Up & Down Mix

Chilli Club Up & Down Mix



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