• The Original Quench 20mm Frozen
  • The Original Quench 20mm Frozen
  • The Original Quench 20mm Frozen


A ‘legend’ in its own right. The Quench is the product of collaboration from the top anglers of the time in the historic, hay days of Savay Lake. Spawned from our groundbreaking Yellow and Red Seed Mixes in 1987, the Quench is based on our renowned, Savay Seed Mix. A combination of carefully selected seed blends, Haith’s Rob Red and appetite stimulators, the Quench is a fruit-blend bait perfectly suited to any venue at any time of the year. The ‘open’ structure of this bait helps to increase the release of attractors and feed stimulants, making the Quench a fantastic ‘instant’ bait, with the carefully balanced nutritional profile ensuring it has long-term effectiveness as well.

Quench is proven beyond any doubt by the ultimate test… time.

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