Club Mix Everlasting Hook Baits

10g | 8mm
  • Club Mix Everlasting Hook Baits
  • Club Mix Everlasting Hook Baits
  • Club Mix Everlasting Hook Baits


These buoyant, 8mm artificial hook baits come pre-soaked in Club Mix flavour to match every bait in the Club Mix range. Made from a unique S.O.A.C compound, although artificial, these baits absorb flavour unlike any other artificial baits.

They're durable, a dark brown colour to match the Club Mix baits and you get 15 per pack.

Perfect for use over particles and in PVA bags and for tipping boilie hook baits.


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What A Carp!


Solar Tackle field tester Bob Burns has sent this pic of an awesome mirror through to us. Caught back in April of this year, this was one of 10 carp landed on a 48-hour session on a water near Limoges in France, while he was visiting his parents who live in the area.

All 10 carp were landed on Club Mix boilies, with a Club Mix hook bait presented over a bed of matching freebies.


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 Club Mix Pop-Ups

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