• Seafood Take-Away 14mm Shelf-Life (Bulk)
  • Seafood Take-Away 14mm Shelf-Life (Bulk)
  • Seafood Take-Away 14mm Shelf-Life (Bulk)


The carp catching ability of fishmeal baits is unquestionable, and the Seafood Take-Away takes this one step further. We’ve combined the finest Scottish salmon meal with crustacean and pre-digested fish meals, seafood extracts, concentrates, flavors, enhancers and appetite stimulators and then added whole, micro halibut pellets for extra nutrition and ‘crunch factor’ and the result is something very special indeed.

The Seafood Take-Away is absolutely fully loaded and is the most complex and complete bait we’ve ever formulated.

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Weekend Warrior


On a weekend session on a public lake in Germany, Solar Tackle field tester Elmar Axt, enjoyed his best ever session on the tricky venue, landing 5 carp between 23lb and 33lb 8oz in just 48 hours.
Targeting an area 7-meters deep Elmar fished over a bed of 14mm and 18mm Seafood Take-Away boilies using a Sefood Take-Away snowman set up presented on a Stronghold Longshank hook.
Giving the bait a light coating of Marine 17 liquid, Elmar then gave them a light dusting of Up & Down Mix to make the 'fizz' once in the water, giving his baits an extra edge.
Over the course of the session Elmar slipped 5 carp into his net, a 25lb 6oz common and mirrors of 26lb, 23lb 13oz, 31lb 8oz and the biggest of the session at 33lb 8oz.
10 Carp over 26lb in 48 Hours


On a 48-hour session, field tester Gunther de Vos has landed 10 carp from 26lb 10oz to 36lb 8oz.
Targeting a local water close to his Belgian home, which is an old river arm that has been sectioned off from the main river, Gunther presented a Seafood Take-Away hook bait over a bed of 14mm and 18mm Seafood Take-Away freebies, all soaked in Hot Scottish Salmon Oil.
New PB For Richard


This 44lb 8oz mirror is a new PB mirror for field Richard Basey-Fisher.

The chunky mirror topped a 23-fish catch (plus a few catfish) landed during a week-long trip to France, with commons of 34lb 8oz and 32lb 3oz 'backing up' the big mirror.
"The venue is a real boilie water, so it gave me a good opportunity to try out the new TunaMino baits," explains Richard. "I presented a TunaMino bottom bait over a spread of matching freebies and Seafood Take-Away boilies to take all of my fish."

Two Forties In A Single Day!


Pre-baiting an area on a local gravel pit, Thomas Mascha dropped in to fish the spot on a day-only session at the weekend.
A mixture of Seafood Take-Away boilies, tiger nuts and pellets all soaked in Marine 17 liquid were used to prime the area in the days leading up to the trip.
Presenting two, Seafood Take-Away snowman hook baits coupled with 101 hooks over the area Thomas landed not one, but two forties in a single day. The first, a mirror of 42lb 4oz was followed just a couple of hours later with a second mirror of 41lb 2oz.
That's a hell of a day trip in anyone's book!
3 Forties & 3 Thirties Landed In A Single Day


After pre-baiting an area on a local pit for a few days leading up to his session, team member Thomas Mascha has enjoyed an incredible day trip anding three forties and three thirties!
Fishing over a scattering of Seafodd Take-Away boilies soaked in hot Scottish Salmon Oil and Marine 17 liquid (the same baits that were used for probating), Thomas landed an incredible run of big fish, all in a single day.
His Seafood Take-Away hook bait was coupled with a small PVA bag of Squid & Octopus Up & Down Mix and the result was carp of
47lb, 41lb, 40lb 12oz, 36lb, 35lb 14oz and 34lb.
This just might be the best haul of big carp on a day-only session that we've ever heard of.
What a way to finish your autumn campaign


Solar Tackle field tester Henk Kostense landed his target fish, this impressive 43lb 4oz mirror, from his Dutch target water.
24mm Seafood Take-Away boilies soaked in TunaMino liquid were the winning tactic, with a matching hook bait fished over a bed of freebies.
Go With The Flow


A spontaneous night session on a stretch of local river has seen Elmar Axt land this 44lb 5oz mirror.
Baiting an area near a weed bed with 1kg of 18mm Seafood Take-Away Boilies soaked in Marine 17 liquid, Elmar presented two snowman rigs over the top.
At 5am one of his rods hooped over as a big fish tore off down river. After a hectic fight, where the fish buried itself in thick weed on a couple of occasions, Elmar finally slipped the net under this impressive mirror.
Packing up after the fish was returned, Elmar headed to a local still water and his luck continued in style.
Five To Mid 30lb In 48 Hours


Setting out on a 48-hour session on his target water, fieldtester Elmar Axt baited 3 spots with a mixture of 14mm and 18mm Seaffod Take-Away baits soaked in Marine 17 liquid.
Targeting an area behind a gravel bar, Elmar placed a rod at 6m, 4m and 1.5m behind the bar, each in different depths as the gravel bar slopped away into deeper water.
Each of the three rods were armed with a blowback rig with a size 6 Stronghold Longshank hook and a snowman hook bait with a Seafood Take-Away bottom bait and Squid & Octopus pop-up.
A small PVA stick of Squid & Octopus Up & Down Mix completed the set up and was cast to each of the 3 spots. The rods had been in the water just 2 hours when the one placed 6m from the gravel bar rattled off. A nice, chunky mid 20lb mirror was the culprit, which was a great start. That night 10 bream and two more twenties grace the net, and over the following 24 hours, topping up the spots after each take, a long, 30lb mirror couldn’t resist the hook bait, followed by a hard-fighting, slate-grey mirror on the final night.
Five carp, including 2 thirties, made for a great session.
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