• Quench 14mm Shelf-Life (Bulk)
  • Quench 14mm Shelf-Life (Bulk)
  • Quench 14mm Shelf-Life (Bulk)


Still made from the original Savay Seed Mix ingredients, the Quench has always been classed as an 'instant bait', proving very popular with anglers on day ticket venues and highly stocked waters. Bright orange in colour and with a fruity blend of Quench flavours, this bait now benefits from the addition of an old favourite [MLBB] - Black & Blue (Blackcurrent and Blueberry) adding even more attraction to an already attractive bait.

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Busy Lake? Limited Time? No Problem...


Arriving at a packed lake, with a little though and good angling Mike Smith snuck this 20lb common out withing minutes of getting a bait in the water. Mike explains:
“After arriving at my local syndicate water and seeing that dreaded sight of the car park being absolutely rammed. I decided to just walk the lake and see who was about and what space was available.
“It's a 10 acre, reed-lined lake that has an old river bed running up the middle of it and after walking most of the lake and chatting to a few of the members I found out 2 things. First, the fishing had been slow with only a couple of fish being caught over the previous few days. Second, the bottom end of the lake had not been fished, which surprised me as it's a nice little bay that is sheltered from the wind.
“I grabbed my rod, net and an unhooking mat and went for a closer look. After about 5 minutes I managed to find a few fish grubbing around in the little bay.
“Excitedly I put a 14mm Quench bottom bait on my rig and lowered it into the shallow water. I dropped a few half baits in for good measure while staying low, slowly moved back from the water's edge and put the rod on the floor.
“After what seemed like only 30 seconds the rod roared off and after a short but crazy battle I managed to net this lovely 20lb common. I was well happy with the result.”
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