P1 Travel-Lite Banksticks

  • P1 Travel-Lite Banksticks
  • P1 Travel-Lite Banksticks
  • P1 Travel-Lite Banksticks
  • P1 Travel-Lite Banksticks


The Travel Lite has become the ‘industry standard’ and the only choice for the many anglers when it comes to ‘single stick’ set ups, being extremely lightweight and long lasting.

The new P1 Travel Lite Banksticks now incorporate our ‘5 Spoke, Diamond Grip Adjustment’ collars and we have further improved the internal locking system, which was already acclaimed as one of the best on the market.

The streamlined design alleviates any potential line snags that can occur with thumbscrew-type banksticks. We have retained our original ‘Ground Driver’ point, which has proved perfect for even the hardest of grounds.

These features coupled with the 1K carbon detailing makes the P1 Travel Lites stand out from the crowd, giving the looks and finish to match the top-end performance.  Perfect for a multitude of uses all of the P1 Travel Lite Banksticks are compatible with our Worldwide Pod and can be used as pod legs for those who like to personalise their set-ups.

Available in all the popular sizes from 6” to 20”, all of which are fully adjustable in length.


  • Five sizes available:
  •  6" to 9" (170mm to 235mm)
  • 9" to 13" (220mm to 335mm)
  • 12" to 19" (300mm to 490mm)
  • 16" to 27" (400mm to 690mm)
  • 20" to 34.5" (500mm to 880mm)

  • Compatibe with the Worldwide Pod for use as pod legs.
  • Made in England, as always
  • Precision engineered and CAD designed
  • Made from the highest quality stainless steel components
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