Rig Cone Tool

  • Rig Cone Tool
  • Rig Cone Tool


The perfect tool for precision-shaping shrink tube and chod rigs while keeping your fingers out of harm's way. The Rig Cone will hold hooks of all sizes and the diameter tapers from 10mm to 35mm, so you can perfectly form anything from tiny lengths of shrink tube right through to Withy Pool Rigs and Chod Rigs and create anything from aggressive curves to gradual bends.

The Rig Cone comes supplied with a removable handle, which has a formed loop so that it doubles up as a tool for testing your knots and bedding them down tightly.

The ideal tool for presion rig tying and the only one of its kind available.


Supplied with two sizes of shrink tube.


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Super Shrink Tube (60mm x 10 per pack)

Super Shrink Tube (60mm x 10 per pack)

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Micro Rig Swivel

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