PVA Bag Clip Swivel

  • PVA Bag Clip Swivel


PVA BAg Clip Swivels are the quickest and easiest way to attach a PVA mesh bag to your set up. Simply pass the knot in the PVA mesh bag through the pear-shaped ring and slide it into the narrow section for instant, secure attachment. These are perfect for PVA bags of all sizes and eliminate the stress placed on your hook link during the cast by attaching a PVA bag to your hook.

These swivels are super-strong, with a 50lb test, and feature a dull-matt finish. Great for use with zig rigs in conjunction with a PVA bag of [UDP1] - Pineapple Up & Down Mix.


Available in size 8 and 10

Ten per packet

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Safety Lead Clip System

Safety Lead Clip System



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