Safety Lead Clip System

  • Safety Lead Clip System
  • Safety Lead Clip System


The safest lead clips of their kind on the market, these can be used to create a conventional lead-clip arrangement as well as a drop-off, running rig presentation. Each pack contains Safety Lead Clips, tail rubbers and 'pegs' to secure a size 8 swivel inside the barrell, but unlike any other lead-clip system, Solar's Safety Lead Clips also come supplied with Running Rig Adaptor Beads. These enable you to convert the lead clip into a running rig with the ability to discarge the lead should it become snagged, making for the safest running-rig set-up available.

The smooth arm and back of the clip ensure that the lead can easily pull free when required to do so whether set-up as a fixed lead clip or running rig. Each pack contains the components to create five lead-clip set-ups or five, running rigs.


Tail rubbers included.

Available in brown, green and black.

Five lead clips, five tail rubbers, five Running Rig Adaptor Beads, 14 pegs.

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