Chod Backstop Beads

  • Chod Backstop Beads


Oval, rubber beads that'll grip [U40] - Contour Unleaded Leader Material and leadcore leaders as well as braid, mono and fluorocarbon leaders and main lines for creating the perfect chod rig/helicopter rig presentation. The super-soft rubber compound will tear and pull free of the leader/line if it becomes snagged and the bore is angled so that it will 'expand' to allow easy passage over knots, aiding the creation of ultra-safe set-ups.

These feature Solar's unique Sediment Odor Absorbant Compound, SOAC, enabling the soft rubber to absorb and take on the odor of its surroundings when in the water, helping to eliminate foreign smells that the carp may detect.


Available in brown, green and black.

Twenty beads per pack.

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