Bait Holder Rig Swivels

20g | Size 12
  • Bait Holder Rig Swivels
  • Bait Holder Rig Swivels
  • Bait Holder Rig Swivels


Precision made bait-holder swivels designed for use in place of rig rings on D-rigs, multi-rigs and similar presentations to allow the hook bait more movement. The small size allows these to be pushed partly inside your hook bait without splitting the bait, while allowing the hook bait to rotate freely throgh 360 degrees, which is not possible with a rig ring, which in turn aids the anti-eject properties of any rig.

The rounded eye on one side allows free movement around a 'D' or along a hook shank, while the thinner, pointed eye can be easily pushed into the hook bait without splitting it.

Take your chod rigs, stiff rigs, multi-rigs and other similar presentations to the next level in one easy step, use a Bait Holder Rig Swivel.


Available in size 12.

Ten per pack.

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