Anti-Tangle Sleeves

  • Anti-Tangle Sleeves
  • Anti-Tangle Sleeves


Soft, silicon sleeves that can be used with any hook link to avoid tangles. These tapered sleeves slide easily onto any hook link with the wide end then snugly fitting over a quick-change link or the eye of a swivel to create a short, boom section, which prevents the rig from tangling on the cast. Ideal for supple, braid hook links as well as coated-braid hook links. 

These feature Solar's unique Sediment Odor Absorbant Compound, SOAC, enabling the soft rubber to absorb and take on the odor of its surroundings when in the water, helping to eliminate foreign smells that the carp may detect.


Available in brown, green and black.

Twenty per pack.

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